Call Bill at (919) 412-6811 for a free estimate.

Black Bear Tree Service
Black Bear Tree Service

For a free estimate call Bill at (919) 412-6811

How we work

Specializing in the professional services of Tree Removal & Stump Grinding as well as tree pruning or trimming upon availability, our competitive rates are coupled with expert tree removal know-how. From the first call til the last leaf is raked, our customers work in direct contact with Bill, the owner and operator. Striving for excellence has resulted in many repeat customers, even years later. We are fully insured to protect our customers.

What we do

We've felled trees who's roots were breaking up driveways. We've opened up lawns for sunlight to reach struggling grass areas. We've stopped unhealthy competition between trees to achieve balance and allow for optimal tree health, and then ground many a stump, 

Free Estimates

For a free estimate, please call Bill at 919-412-6811. He will work with you to assess your goals. There are times when owners have concerns but the trees are healthy and do not require removal. Then there are times when they are dying, dangerous, or encroaching. Lastly, there are the times when trees have simply become a nuisance (i.e. the grrr...Gumball Tree, anyone?) or has been breaking limbs (i.e. the branchy Bradford Pear) or falling over (i.e., the love-lost Leyland Cypress) and they just have to go.