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Our Tree Service Story

Bill Smallwood

the boss

Bill has been serving the triangle area since 1999. He moved with his wife and two children to Clayton in 2009. For the last decade Clayton has been a welcome home to our family as well as our extending family. Before coming to North Carolina, Bill was born and raised in Penobscot County, Maine. Hailing from the woods, he cut his teeth on logging at an early age. His grandfather worked logging. His cousins worked logging and today even his younger brother has a tree service in the Portland area. 

Tamara Smallwood

the secretary

Originally from the small town of Brownfield situated in the Texas panhandle she moved to Raleigh in 1996. She met and married Bill in 2000. She's the tree service secretary in our one and only Clayton office and doubles as the crew's coffee hauler on occasion.

It's In Our Roots. And coming out our branches.

We have history

The only branch managers we have carry rakes. We are a small, locally owned, family operated tree service. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Who will be working in my yard?

Tree trimming and removal.

We are a small local tree service business, so the only people who will be working in your yard are the crew Bill has hand picked. Our stump grinding is a one man operation and again that man is Bill. Unlike the big tree removal businesses, we run a single crew. This outfit  is comprised of hard working and tenaciously tough individuals.

Are you insured and licensed?

Black Bear Tree Service

In the tree service industry, a license is not required as it would be for a plumber or electrician. However, we are  insured with General Liability and Worker's Compensation. It's in your best interest to ask anyone who quotes your job if they carry these.

What sort of tree services do you do?

Climber trimming tree

We've ground many a stump in the Clayton and surrounding area. Felled trees who's roots were breaking up driveways. Opened up lawns with tree removal for sunlight to reach struggling grass areas, and stopped unhealthy competition between trees to achieve balance and allow for optimal tree health.